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Bullying Awareness

We are an Olweus Bullying Prevention Trainer. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) incorporates what researchers and practitioners have identified as best practices in bullying prevention and intervention.

The OBPP is a comprehensive, school-wide program that involves the entire school community in the form of school-wide interventions, classroom activities, and individual interventions. To reduce bullying, it is important to change the climate of the school and the social norms with regard to bullying. It must become normative for staff and students to notice and respond when a child is bullied or left out. Since bullying is not the sole responsibility of any single individual at a school, it requires buy-in and efforts of everyone in the school environment—teachers, administrators, counselors, other non-teaching staff, parents and students.

We welcome all middle school students currently in or entering grades 6-8 into our program. UCAN of Memphis Character Building program is a school-year long program designed to give the students an edge in leadership, conflict resolution and social emotional learning.

Character Building program is 7 months long consisting of 12 modules. The Program Year is September thru April, focusing on two modules per month. Real-world experts in the modules collaborated, wrote and teach the Character Building curriculum based on what is missing and foundationally necessary in today’s world for the student to succeed. The student will receive tactical experiences through engaging activities, community service, and real life situations through field trips as well as the interaction with other students, mentors and corporate partners that will effectively bring the learning to life.

The Character Building program mission is to work with students and train them while they are still young instead of waiting until poor habits develop and delayed preparedness negatively affect their life, success and future. By working on real life skills and soft skills, the student will have better success transitioning into leadership roles that play a major part in high school.

It is our goal to help students find success both professionally and personally.

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