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While Social Distancing, Flatten the Curve on Bullying

While Social Distancing, Flatten the Curve on Bullying Face it, social distancing is difficult.  If you don’t want to stay home, think about your kids! They are cut off from their friends and favorite after school activities.  They are being transitioned to home-based...

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Hats off to Our Volunteers

Hats off to Our Volunteers

Hats off to Our Volunteers Volunteers are vital to nonprofits and become ambassadors for the organization. They spend hours assisting the organization to thrive by either fundraising, mentoring, or networking on your behalf. We are so thankful for these individuals...

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UCan Of Memphis Wears Pink for Anti-Bullying

UCan Of Memphis Wears Pink for Anti-Bullying

UCan Of Memphis Wears Pink for Anti-Bullying The United States Department of Justice showed that one out of four kids will be bullied during their adolescence.[1] Most of the time it continues after the first incident; statistics show that 71 percent of students that...

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Inspiring Conversations with Leshundra Robinson of UCAN of Memphis

Today we’d like to introduce you to Leshundra Robinson.

Alright, so thank you so much for sharing your story and insight with our readers. To kick things off, can you tell us a bit about how you got started?
I started UCAN of Memphis with my best friend in 2005. We sat on the bed and pondered “how can we help more youth in expressing their feelings without being intimidated and aggressive?” 

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Viral video of bullied Australian boy sparks conversation on Mid-South victims

Leshundra Robinson is one woman who is fighting for students’ cries of help to be heard. She co-founded the organization UCAN of Memphis. Her brother committed suicide.

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How one Memphis organization is empowering kids through bullying awareness

UCAN addresses the needs of at-risk teens in Memphis and Shelby County at six schools.

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UCAN turns focus to bullying prevention after Memphis man’s suicide

Looking back on her last message from her brother, LeShaundra Robinson finds pain and loss.

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Bullying inside Mid-South schools

“Robinson is the executive director of UCAN, a Memphis bullying prevention initiative. That’s how Robinson met high school senior Denisha Greer, a bullying victim in Shelby County.”

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WATCH: Executive director of UCAN of Memphis talks about increase in youth violence

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Make a Difference Monday: UCAN of Memphis

“UCAN of Memphis works to address bullying among students here.

Leshundra Robinson and Cordette Hubbard stopped by to talk about the program on Live at 9.”

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Students learn financial literacy, bully prevention at UCAN of Memphis

Every Tuesday, as part of our Greater Memphis on a Mission series, we highlight organizations making Memphis better. This week, we caught up with a group that is helping students succeed.

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Leshundra Robinson S.O. What! Success Story

“Many nonprofit organizations are born out of need and many are created from painful personal experiences. When I met Leshundra Robinson she asked me to speak at an anti-bullying conference she organized for the nonprofit she co-founded, UCAN of Memphis. I was blown away by her passion and compelled by her story to do more myself.”

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Bluff City Life: Monday, 12 September pt. 5 of 8

Creating Opportunities Where “UCAN” Succeed

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Mid-South Hero: Helping youth overcome trauma and adversity with ‘UCAN’

Overcoming trauma and adversity, and helping others do the same, October’s Mid-South Hero has a promise that she intends to keep.

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