Youth Development Organization mentoring middle and high school students in leadership skills for employment and saying no to bullying.

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UCAN of Memphis is an organization that mentors at-risk behavior students in middle and high school. We mentor boys and girls who have been affected by bullying, low self-esteem and behavior issues which causes low academic performances.

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Since its beginning, UCAN has depended on the generosity of people like you to carry out its mission of helping our future leaders of tomorrow. Volunteers have always been the driving force behind the foundation, giving generously of their time and talent to serve in a variety of ways. As an organization, we believe that volunteers are vital to the work we do; they also act as strong advocates in the community. Our volunteers are all ages, come from all backgrounds, and are passionate about sharing their time, talents, and energy with us.

As a UCAN volunteer, you are a part of a unique team. We are proud to be one of organizations in the US offering excellent programs and events. Our volunteer program is run in a professional manner by skilled administrators who work hard to make each part of your experience positive.

All UCAN staff welcome the opportunity to work with committed volunteers and we pride ourselves on the team atmosphere that UCAN offers to everyone.

Internship Opportunities (Unpaid)

Communications Specialists Assist with communication of events and activities and semi-annual newsletters through social media and direct mail.

Technology Specialists Assist with updating website and network support.

Event Coordinators Assist with upcoming events by planning the activities and working with the event chairpersons.

Fundraising Coordinators Assist with updating fundraising database, keep necessary parties updated on fundraising goals, and communicate with donors as needed.

To volunteer or apply for Internship, complete the Volunteer application and return via mail or email at


Featured in RSVP VOX Poplar, Tri-State Defender, Daily News, Lipscomb & Pitts, WUMR U92FM, President awarded 2014 S.I.S. Award from Walking into a New Life and Single Successful Moms, Nominated in various categories with Nexus, Best in Black Awards and Volunteer Mid-South.

UCAN of Memphis has impacted 1,123 students in FY16 compared to 250 in FY15. We have supported local schools in programs such as leadership development, mentoring and bullying awareness. We have seen violent incidents drop from 6.38 per day in the 2015-2016 school year to 5.53 a day in the 2016-2017 school year. The total of 963 incidents compared to 1,110 in the previous school year, which had the same 174-day school year. (according to Daily News)

Target demographics: young adolescents to overcome obstacles and improve self-confidence
Direct beneficiaries per year: 1,123 students in the Mid-South area
Geographic areas served: the mission of Memphis, TN North Memphis area
Programs: mentoring, workforce development in leadership and soft skills, and bullying awareness and prevention


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Our mission is to strengthen young adolescents through mentoring, workforce readiness and bullying awareness which will bring forth positive growth in the community.