Meet Our Unique and Dedicated Team.


UCAN Board

Meet the Board of UCAN

    • Dominique Taylor

      Board Chair

      "As board chair of UCAN, I could not be prouder of the work we are doing to reach youth in our community. What attracted me to the organization was seeing Leshundra Robinson work so hard to help the students in the North Memphis area. I grew up in North Memphis and was a part of the Youth About Business organization. I knew what it meant to me be a part of that organization and I saw the same drive in Leshundra. I wanted to give back to the community that helped me be the woman I am today."
    • Kesha Whitaker

      Public Relations

    • Nadia Perry


    • Mia Hamilton

      Project Manager

    • Mary Dugan


UCAN Staff

Meet the Staff of UCAN

    • Leshundra Robinson

      Executive Director